• Helmet with air cooling. Head protection – a helmet on top of which there are two flexible plastic tube with a diameter of 12 mm, which are aimed at blowing the protective armoured glass. It cools the face, neck, prevents fogging of bulletproof glass. The helmet has an additional polycarbonate glass 1-A class of protection.
  • Bullet-proof glass. Face protection – is mounted on the metal armour, which is located in an additional outer chest pocket. Armour is made of solid aluminium alloy and is integral protection chest, neck and head. Bullet-proof glass has a size of 250 x 250 mm. It withstands TT pistol shot from 5 m.
  • Protective jacket. Protective jacket consists of chest and back protection with increased neck protection (high collar from the chest and back) – has a circular protection against shrapnel 1.1 g – 570 m/s and the blast wave around the perimeter. From the side of the chest jacket has added-on enhanced protection from face to the groin, which can withstand the impact of explosive grenades F-1 and OZM-72.
  • Additional pockets. Of the jacket there are placed seven additional pockets for individual means of equipment.
  • Water cooling. . It is a knitted suit (jacket and pants), on which there are fixed a flexible plastic tube, which circulates cooling water. Water cooling unit has a compact form and is available in an additional knapsack, which is mounted on the back of bomb technicians suit. Water cooling node is removable.
  • Protective trousers. . Protection from foot to waist – from hitting of shrapnel 1.1 g – 570 m/s. Fixed on a human waist on adjusting braces and have a connector with a lock “lightning” on the back of the legs. The outer trousers part in knee zone has protective leather cover. Design provides removing the jacket with one hand. Protective jacket when expansion opens fully on the left side.
  • Protective boots. Foot protection – from splinter 1.1 g – 570 m/s. Sole of boots is made of current collecting rubber.

Additional suit accessories

  • Radio with VOX system; (Reception, answer).
  • Telescopic arm (2.7 m) for gripping objects weighing 3-5 kg.
  • Cooling system for a knitted suit;
  • Air cooling (blowing) in the face area to prevent glass visor fogging.
Height-size Total area of protection, dm2 Protection from damaging agents Reinforced protection area, dm2 Protection from damaging agents
Weight, kg
I 227,0 Splinter 1.1 g, speed 570 m/s 23 dm2 Grenade F-1
on distance
up to 1 meter OZM-72
at 5 meters

II 235 27
III 242 30