Панцир 3-95М


  • ТIf necessary it is possible to complete the “Pantsyr’-3-95М” vest with soft ballistic fabric package of the chest, back, groin and neck protection.
  • Cloth soft ballistic package can be made of different materials, which are specified in the table No.3.
    Additionally ballistic vest is equipped with hard armour plates, which material and degree of protection are shown in table No.4.
  • A sample of body armour weight calculation depending on its configuration with soft ballistic packages and hard armour plates is given in the table No.5.
  • It is possible to order extra pockets for:
    1) machine gun magazines, 2) grenades, 3) medical pack, 4) pistol magazines, 5) other miscellaneous assets

Table 3. Protection level and weight of soft ballistic packages with protection area 1 м2

 Material Yarn tex Weight of 1 м2 Weight of 1 м2soft ballistic package
пакета по DSTU Ukraine/ NIJ USA
 1/IIА 1/IIIА 2 кл
СТ 716Twaron paraaramid* 110  280 г  4,32 кг 6 кг
СТ 709 Twaron paraaramid* 93 210 г 3,36 кг 5,1 кг
СТ 612 Twaron paraaramid* 55 125 г 2,7 кг 4,2 кг
SB-215; UHMWPE** 215мг 2,6 кг 3 кг 4,7 кг
SB-135; UHMWPE** 135 г  2,8 кг  4,8 кг  8 кг
SB-160; UHMWPE** 160 г  3,2 кг  5 кг  8,4 кг

Table 4. Protection level and weight of soft ballistic packages with area of protection 250 х 300 мм (10 х 12“)

  Material Area of
protection, dм2
Protection lvl. кg
1     Armored steel 7,5 2 1,4
2     UHMWPE 7,5 2 0,5
3     UHMWPE 7,5 3/III 1,5
4     Ceramet 7,5 3/III 2,6
5     Ceramet 7,5 4 2,9
6     Ceramet 7,5 5 3,7
7     Ceramics SiC 7,5 5 2,6

    Ceramics Al2O3

7,5 5 3,1
9     Ceramics SiC 7,5 6 2,8
10     Ceramics Al2O3 7,5 6 3,3

Depending on material choise of soft and hard armor plate – chdnges the weightand the orice of the bulletproof vest. Template of weight calculation depending on chosen material and protection level.

Тable 5. Weight of bulletproof vest «PANTSYR’ 3-95M 1-3» protection level 3 completed with various materials.

 Material Weight of 1 м2 soft
ballistic package 1/IIА
OPTION№2 1-й размер Weight of soft package Armored plate №4 табл. №4 Weight outer cover Total weight
СТ 709 Twaron para-aramid* 3,36 кg 44 dм2  1,5 кg 2,6 кg х 2 pcs 1,4 кg 8,1 кg
СТ 612 Twaron para-aramid 2,7 кg  1,19 кg 7,8 кg
SB-215; UHMWPE** 2,6 кg 1,15 кg 7,75 кg

*Twaron para-aramid – heat-resistant material? has increased flexibillity, which ensures comfort wearing.
**UHMWPE– ultrahigh weight polyethylene-flammamble material with higher hardness.


OPTION NO. 1 Breast and back protection

  • In basic configuration the vest is «Plate-Carrier» model and consists of the chest and back protection.
  • In the shoulder area by ribbon belt (sewn into the back cover),which passes through the metal frame (fixed on the back) and then is fixed by hook and loop fastener in the shoulders and back area.
  • In the field of the chest hard protection armor plates are inserted into the outer cover from the inside.
  • The vest “Pantsyr 3-95M” is connected and regulated in the human torso in the side wings of 160 mm by means of hook and loop fastener.
  • In addition, from the human body in a detachable vest pockets, around the contour there are put damping inserts that provide a comfortable vest operation.

OPTION NO.2 with soft ballistic package

  • The vest is equipped with a removable neck protection, which may consist of two or three parts (on request).
  • Groin protection element is attached to the metal frame by strips located on the bottom of the chest protection cover.


The fabric of the outer vest cover is made of high-strength synthetic material (RA) with a waterproof polyurethane coating – TPS 36 (Cordura 1000). Cover colour: black, coyote, olive or at customer’s option.


  • It’s possible fasten the protection of the neck and groin to a basic set of body armor “Pantsyr 3-95M” with hook and loop fastener and ribbon belt
  • Vest cover on the inner side has a slot into which there are inserted flexible ballistic packages from the 1st to the 2nd class of protection, standard of Ukraine, or from IIA to IIIA, NIJ 0101.04 USA standard.
  • Soft ballistic package is in the waterproof case and has a security profile across the surface of the vest cover.
  • Over soft ballistic packages there are placed additional pockets for hard armour plates from the 2nd to the 6th class of protection, as per standard of Ukraine, or from III to IV class, as per US standard NIJ 0101.04.
  • Across the surface of the outer there is sewn cover belt tape (RA), 25 mm wide, MOLLE system.

Table 2. Typical sizes of hard armour plates

M (96-108 см) XL (112-116 см)
Width 25 см (10“) 25 см (10“)
Height 30 см (12“) 35 см (14“)
Protection area 7,5 dм2 9,0 dм2