State Standards of Ukraine DSTU: 

  • Hard armour plate – 6 class of protection
  • Soft armour panel – 2 class of protection

Protection Area of Hard Armour Plate: 17.8 dm2
Protection Area of Soft Armour Panel: 11.3 dm
Weight: 10.5±0.5 kg
Material of hard armour plate: Ceramic / Silicone Carbide SiC or Aluminium Oxide Al2O

Material of soft armour panel: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Material of outer cover: high-strength polyamide fabrics of our own production

  • Height – 810 mm, width – 400 mm.
  • Padding beneath handle to improve comfort.
  • Decals can be added to the cover.
  • Can be supplemented with video surveillance kit.

Harness system:

  • Harness system to hold the shield on the torso and provide hands-free capability.
  • Harness system can be adjusted by size and height.
  • Helps to distribute the weight more evenly across the body to eliminate fatigue.
  • Suspension system allows quick release of the shield.
  • Single-hand use capability for handgun usage.