CORSAIR MT was designed based on experience gained through the participation of Ukrainian forces in military operations recently. It is intended to protect combat vehicle tank crew against shell fragments and 9mm calibre bullets as well as to provide protection from exposure to high temperatures and flame.

Fragmentation resistance V50 test conducted using Fragment Simulation Projectiles (fragment weight – 1.1 gram) – minimum fragment velocity 600 m/s. 

Outer cover of the bulletproof vest is made from flame-resistant meta-aramid material Conex with ignition temperature – 610C. Unique features of Conex, specifically, its heat- and flame-resistance, are set on molecular level an as a result do not change and remain to be stable during the whole term of use. Conex provides the protection from 2nd and 3rd degree burns due to its self-extinguishing. Under the influence of high temperatures, Conex becomes denser and forms charred surface that continues to provide excellent isolation of skin. Conex does not melt or form stains, has low conductivity and is antistatic. Material structure provides high tensile strength and enhanced abrasion resistance.