Load-bearing system consist of three elements:

1. Chest Rig with MOLLE System 

  • Ergonomic chest-carrier with MOLLE webbing coverage.
  • External material: high-strength polyamide fabrics of our own production.
  • Internal material: mesh fabric.
  • Large pocket accessible by zipper.
  • Fastening and adjustment by plastic buckles.

2. Harness with MOLLE System 

  • Padded shoulder straps to distribute heavy load weight.
  • Length-adjustable snap-straps for belt-integration.
  • “Man Down” drag handle.

3. Load-Bearing Belt

  • Padded all around the perimeter for enhanced comfort.
  • Can be supplemented with soft armour panels.
  • Integrated MOLLE webbing for pouches and accessories.
  • Helps to distribute the weight more evenly across the body.
  • Four D-Ring attachment points for harness.