The protective suit “SHIELD” refers to the special class products and
for individual human protection against cold weapon (impact energy up
to 40 J) and impact energy to 20 J. At the Customer request, separate
protective parts of the “SHIELD” suit may be ordered.
The protective suit “SHIELD” is made as per technical conditions TU
U 18.2-31778043-096:2012, registered by the State Standard of Ukraine
on the 01.06.2012.

Components Protection area, dm2 Weight, кг
1 Vest: all-round chest, back and shoulder
40 4,2±0,1
2 Plates for arms protection (from
shoulder to wrist): left and right arms
8.8 0,40±0,05
3 Shorts: protection of the groin and the
front of hips
7,4 0,7±0,1
4 Plates for legs protection (from knee
to foot): left and right legs
19,0 0,55±0,05
TOTAL 75,2
Item weight 6,8±0,1