Bomb suppression blanket PK-1 withstands: explosion of RGO
grenades completed with a 200-gram TNT block. The assembled
blanket prevents damage from fragments more than 740 m / s.
Field tests, which were conducted by the State Scientific Research
Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (Institute
is accredited according to international standard), found that the
samples withstood the test of the possibility of interception of fragments
and reduce the intensity of factors affecting the explosion.

Dimensions of blankets PK-1
In the expanded form 2600х1200 мм (2,6 м х 1,2 м)
Folded by width 1300х1200 мм (1,3 м х 1,2 м)
Folded by length 2600х600 мм (2,6 м х 0,6 м)