The coverall is designed for individual protection of military personnel included in the crews of the armoured personnel carriers, armoured vehicles,
tanks, self-propelled artillery systems and other combat vehicles, from high temperatures and flame, and when using complete with the Corsair Mt
bulletproof vest provides the protection against shell and armour fragments, as well as against 9 mm pistol bullets.

The coverall consists of a jacket and trousers designed as a whole. The top coverall includes sewed-in sleeves, a collar and a central zipfastener.
The coverall is manufactured of incombustible meta-aramid fabric Conex® (temperature of inflammation is 610 °С). The special
properties of the Conex® fabric, both heat- and fire-resistance, are provided on the molecular level, this is why these properties remain the
same during the whole period of use. The Conex® fabric has a unique feature of self-extinguishability, which ensures the protection from
the second and third degree burns. The Conex® fabric does not melt and produces no drips, has a low conductivity and stable antistatic
properties. The structure of cloth ensures high breaking loads and increased wear resistance.

All stated fire retardant qualities of the material have been confirmed during the test procedures at the Ukrainian research Institute of civil
Defence (UkrNIIGZ) as per GOST 4366-2004. The Conex® properties of resistance to open flame and to the contact with solid surface
preheated to 400 °С were tested.